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FleetShare Fleet Vehicles - short or long-term leasing terms

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FleetShare Technology

Transform Your Fleet.

FleetShare vehicle management technology transforms the way you manage your motor pool and positions your fleet for maximum efficiency and reliability. FleetShare’s innovative and easy-to-use online and in-car wireless motor pool technology can be added to new or existing fleet vehicles, keeping your drivers moving with self-serve reservations and keyless entry to fleet vehicles. FleetShare transforms your workday as well, reducing logistical issues, improving driver satisfaction, minimizing your paperwork burden and freeing you to monitor and analyze the real-time fleet data that the FleetShare vehicle management software automatically provides.



FleetShare's online reservation and wireless card access features are easy for drivers to learn and use.

FleetShare Fleet Motor Pool Technology - ActivateActivate

Eligible drivers receive instructions on activating their secure access card, which becomes their key to FleetShare vehicles.


FleetShare Fleet Motor Technology - ReserveReserve

Instantly reserve a FleetShare vehicle through our online portal for the desired length of time—hours, days, or even an entire week.


FleetShare Fleet Motor Pool Technology - unlock Unlock

The driver simply holds their access card to the windshield of the reserved vehicle to unlock.


FleetShare Fleet Motor Pool Technology - Go StepGo

Drive away, with the simple task of returning the FleetShare vehicle to its designated parking area once the trip and reservation is competed. It's that easy.


How can FleetShare transform your fleet and your workday? Contact us for more information.