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FleetShare Administrative Benefits - Fleet Vehicle Management Software

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About FleetShare

The Right-Sized Fleet Solution.

FleetShare is a revolutionary vehicle-sharing program for any commercial business or institution looking for a way to manage their fleet or motor pool more efficiently. With FleetShare’s pioneering online and in-car wireless technologies, you have total control of daily operations and reporting, and well as convenient self-service reservations and keyless vehicle access for your drivers.

With FleetShare, you can:

  • Optimize your fleet size to fit your needs most efficiently.
  • Gain comprehensive control of your fleet through FleetShare’s vehicle management software, an online solution that gives you instant access to accurate, complete fleet data in real time. Advanced reporting capabilities enhance your understanding of fleet needs while reducing administrative time.
  • Improve transparency, accountability and fleet policy adherence through FleetShare’s automatic collection of full data on every driver and vehicle in the fleet.
  • Supplement existing and replace older units with FleetShare vehicles in any make, model or size you require, available as short-or long-term solutions.

How can FleetShare help right-size your fleet? Contact us today for more information.