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FleetShare - Fleet and Motor Pool Technology

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Vehicle Management Software

Control Your Fleet Pool.

FleetShare’s innovative online fleet management technology empowers you to make effective decisions that lower costs and improve fleet performance by giving you instant access to accurate data on your vehicles and drivers. Now, you'll be able to identify and resolve fleet inefficiencies, monitor fleet reliability and improve driver satisfaction and accountability with FleetShare.

FleetShare’s vehicle management software gives you the power to:

  • Review up-to-the-minute fleet data and track motor pool vehicle usage over time to understand your fleet’s needs, reduce underused vehicles and minimize assigned vehicles. Maximize vehicle usage for a “greener” fleet.
  • Optimize your fleet size with the help of real-time information, including current and scheduled usage, location performance, total fleet utilization and analytics.
  • Get instant access to billing data and settlement of vehicle maintenance services, with automatic billing to the correct account.
  • Review the history and scheduling of vehicle maintenance, repairs and field issues to analyze vehicle performance and make smart vehicle choices.
  • Free up fleet management staff for other tasks by reducing administrative and dispatch labor.
  • Benefit from 24/7 Driver Call Center support as needed.
  • Protect between-service vehicles through automatic immobilization.
  • Capture trip and driver behavior data automatically, with no need for data entry.
  • Improve fleet policy compliance and reduce risks through full data-driven accountability via automatic data collection on every vehicle in your fleet.

How can FleetShare give you control over your fleet? Contact us today for more information.