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Jessica Heizer comes to Merchants Leasing from Hearst Television, Inc. and Clear Channel Communications, Inc. We believe her specialized skills in social media production and news radio broadcasting will help to enrich your Fleetcast experience. Enjoy learning about fleet products, services and hot topics as Jessica interviews industry experts.


Stay up to date with the latest issues and trends in the fleet industry with Fleetcast, the Fleet Management Podcast. Bi-monthly, we will be talking to an industry expert about a topic that has big implications for fleet managers. Whether it is the future trends in fleet management or the benefits of vehicle maintenance programs, Fleetcast will give you the information you need to manage your fleet better.



Fuel Management Programs

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GUEST: Diana Holland
DATE: January 2015
RUNTIME: 07:25
In this video episode of Fleetcast, we discuss the benefits of fuel management programs with Diana Holland, Executive Director of Fleet Management and Sales Support at Merchants Fleet Management. Diana talks about how fuel management programs can help companies monitor and control costs, deter fraud, and alleviate administrative burdens.


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