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FleetShare Fleet Motor Pool Technology - right-size your fleet

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Corporate Fleet Management

Right-Sizing Corporate Fleets.

Corporate fleet managers are under constant pressure to perform a delicate balancing act—to keep satisfied drivers on the road without ever losing sight of the bottom line.

FleetShare is a revolutionary way to optimize your fleet based on timely, actionable data that enables you to make informed decisions that maximize efficiency and improve driver satisfaction through enhanced driver services.

FleetShare allows your company to identify and eliminate underutilized vehicles across all locations, better monitor and enforce driver policies, and reduce dependence on costly rentals. Travel data is collected and transmitted automatically in real-time, allowing you to easily generate reports and bill to specific accounts.

With FleetShare you can:

  • Minimize costs and maximize usage by replacing individually-assigned vehicles with shared vehicles that are right where they're needed, right when they're needed.
  • Use FleetShare's real-time data and reporting tools to monitor and manage fleet vehicle usage, maintenance and operational needs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Secure between- and out-of-service vehicles with automatic immobilization.
  • Respond instantly to changing needs by supplementing your motor pool with new FleetShare fleet vehicles of all types, available for short- or long-term periods.

FleetShare also lets you adjust to the pace of business by efficiently adapting and scaling your fleet according to your company's changing needs—whether it be new contracts or projects of varying size, expanding staff and sales forces, expatriate employees or other unique business challenges. We offer instant access to a full range of vehicles anywhere in the country, from sedans, SUVs, and passenger vans to specialty vehicles and light-duty trucks—even with custom up-fitting.

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