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FleetShare Fleet Motor Vehicle Technology

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State Motor Pools

Right-Sizing Government Fleets.

FleetShare understands the unique needs of all vehicle fleet types and across all levels of government, including the challenges of balancing multiple departments’ demands that may expand or contract over time. FleetShare technology maximizes fleet efficiency through vehicle sharing, eliminating that parking lot full of underutilized vehicles and putting an end to assigned vehicles that sit idle most of the time.

FleetShare’s revolutionary online and in-car wireless solutions arm you with complete, up-to-the-minute data on your vehicles and drivers, so you can monitor compliance and make informed decisions on usage, availability and overall deployment based on accurate reporting on use and demand. And the convenience of self-service reservations and keyless vehicle access will improve both driver satisfaction and efficiency.

With FleetShare, you can:

  • Monitor and analyze vehicle usage, maintenance and operational needs via FleetShare’s up-to-the-minute information.
  • Eliminate logistical nuisances such as lost keys and vandalized drop-boxes.
  • Secure between- or out-of-service vehicles with automatic immobilization.
  • Improve critical fleet policy compliance and instantly access driver records and track driver data, to make policy changes or educate drivers as needed.
  • Redeploy and scale quickly and efficiently based on your pools' changing needs by supplementing your fleet with new FleetShare vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, passenger vans, buses and specialty vehicles, available as short- or long-term solutions.

We have decades of experience working with public agencies across the country at all levels—from the highest levels of the Federal, to state and local governments. No matter where your agency is, how big or small, FleetShare can improve performance, compliance and accountability for your motor pool.

How can FleetShare solutions help you reduce your government or state motor pool costs? Contact us today for more information.