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FleetShare - Fleet Motor Pool Technology Driver Benefits

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University Motor Pools

Maximize Campus Motor Pool Efficiency.

At FleetShare, we understand the challenges and intricacies of managing vehicle fleets with diverse needs at all types of educational institutions, including the ability to juggle multiple departments with varying requirements—sometimes across multiple campuses.

Instead of a parking lot full of individually- or departmentally-assigned vehicles sitting idle much of the time, FleetShare offers you the ability to maximize fleet efficiency through campus-wide vehicle sharing.

With FleetShare you can:

  • Reduce logistical issues like lost keys and vandalized drop-boxes.
  • Secure between- or out-of-service vehicles through automatic immobilization.
  • Easily adapt both new and existing vehicles to FleetShare’s easy-to-use online and in-car wireless technology.

Back at your desk, FleetShare’s vehicle management software reduces administrative burden, freeing you to spend your time monitoring and analyzing the complete real-time data automatically collected on each vehicle and driver.

  • Efficiently track and manage vehicle usage and maintenance.
  • Make smart choices about right-sizing your fleet and reducing dependence on costly vehicle rentals.
  • Respond instantly to your school’s needs by tapping into FleetShare’s vast pool of new vehicles, from passenger vans, specialty vehicles or buses, to sedans to SUVs, all available as short- or -long term periods.

We've worked with institutions of all sizes from coast to coast, are affiliated with associations that include the ECAC, NACDA and MHEC, and have the resources to easily scale your fleet according to your school's constantly changing needs.

How can FleetShare help you better serve your campus while reducing costs for your college or university motor pool? Contact us today for more information.